But Yoga Core Value #2

Before I opened Raw Renewal, I attended a workshop on building a health and wellness business. The greatest piece of advice that I heard was “You don’t have to be an expert”. Sounds a little scary when you think of people opening up businesses when they aren’t “experts” in their field, but hear me out. Teach the things you know, the things you have experienced, the things you have been through. Call on others that can help teach from their own unique experiences, the things that they have experienced. Yoga just isn’t one of those things you can easily fake and get away with. You can’t fake the benefits of the physical practice, you can’t fake the benefits of meditation. You can try all you want to fake some ethical practices, but that lie is gonna catch up to you. So this is where our second Buti Yoga core value comes in. You can only lead others as far as you’ve led yourself.

Speak truthfully and honestly when guiding someone. Be open and willing to use the valuable information that you have received and quite possibly, painstakingly worked through. Don’t be afraid to tell people you don’t have all the answers. I’ve never met anyone that has them all, have you? This is not a “free pass” for becoming complacent in being a leader. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. Do the work and know that it won’t ever end. Get excited realizing that you will never reach the boredom of “knowing it all”. Keep learning and experiencing, stay hungry, and take joy in sharing every single thing.