Buti Yoga Core Value #3

The greatest gift you can give is unwavering friendship. Seems pretty easy…But is it? 

When you think of your best friend, you might think of someone you can have a great time with, no matter what you’re doing. You can go out on the town or stay in on the couch, and both would be a perfect night. They can make you laugh til you cry or make you laugh when you’re crying. Maybe they even come to yoga with you when it’s “just not their thing”.

What about the nitty gritty details of a true friendship?

Are you able to have a healthy debate with your closest friend? Can you value their opinion while having opposite feelings? Can you lift them up when they need it the most and can you bring them back down to earth when they need it even more? Hey, we all need that friend, sometimes! 

These are the relationships that offer an opportunity to grow and succeed. These friendships can help push you into your best self and don’t accept anything less from you. Buti Yoga, as it’s definition states, is a cure that’s been hidden or kept a secret. Choose friends that help you unearth the goodness within you, and be the friend that helps unearth theirs.