Why do we treat mental, physical and spiritual wellness all so differently? We hear “mind, body and soul” all the time but when we actually start to nurture the “soul” part, it can be seen as selfish or just straight up, weird. 

As a whole, people are starting to recognize that our mental health is affected by our physical health, our gut specifically. We know that if our mental health is suffering, it can effect our physical health, like our immune systems. But what about our spiritual well being? Our values and belief systems, our capacity for love and forgiveness, our desires and what brings us joy are all vital parts of our human lives! 

No. That doesn’t mean you have to carry a crystal in your pocket. (Although it might help!) You don’t have to start burning incense or sage when you hate the smell of it. You don’t need to have someone tell you your spirit animal is “a little lizard guy” not a wolf. (This recently happened to me. My spirit guide, at the moment, is a Sonoran Collared Lizard ?+ ??‍♀️ = ✨ ) 

If the world of spirituality is completely foreign to you, start with something a bit more tangible that can lead you down a spiritual path, if you choose. Do you like to work out?  Try a yoga class designed with athletes in mind. Do you love to read? Try a biography of someone who has found their own spirituality. Try a short, audio meditation while out for a walk or before bedtime. Just like the world of fitness for physical health, with tons of class styles or regimens to choose from, spirituality comes in all shapes and sizes, too. 

Go ahead, throw “spiritual health” in a google search and honor your curiosity if something catches your attention. Who knows what it might spark. Your physical and mental health will thank you.