Just because we have to close our doors, doesn’t mean you can’t practice with us!

Raw Renewal Yoga is now offering live classes via Zoom and an On Demand Video Library.

Zoom Classes include Buti Yoga, Buti Flow, Sculpt, Hotcore, Buti Bands, Fit Flow and Renewal Flow. To register for these classes click HERE or follow the instructions below:

  • Please Enroll for the class by visiting mindbodyonline.com, the Mindbody ap or the Raw Renewal Yoga ap. The Raw Renewal Yoga ap will be the most streamlined.
  • Look under “Enrollments” or “Upcoming Events”. These classes will not appear on our regular class schedule.
  • Register and book your class AT LEAST 15 MINUTES prior to class start time. Registration will close at the time.
  • You will receive an email 10-15 minutes before class start time. Please be aware of the email account your Mindbody is registered with.
  • Classes are $8 pay-per-class

Our On Demand Video Library includes Buti Yoga, Buti Flow, Sculpt, Hotcore and Buti Bands. With over 70+ classes to choose from, you’ll find the perfect length, intensity and style for whatever you need. The best part of the On Demand Library is you can access these videos at any time of day! To purchase your 2 Week Video Subscription for $30 click HERE or follow the instructions below:

  • Visit mindbodyonline.com, the Mindbody Ap or the Raw Renewal Yoga ap.
  • Under “View Pricing” or “Buy” you will find the “2 Week Video Subscription” option. 
  • Once you purchase, be on the look out for a text with the website link and password to access the library.

**Our licensing agreement gives us limited control over the Buti Yoga website access. We must rely on an honor system from our clients. If you continue to access the Video Library after 2 weeks, we ask you to please repurchase the “2 Week Video Subscription”. Your “repurchase” is what allows me to keep our instructors employed. If you loved coming to our studio before Covid-19, help us ensure that we have a studio to come back to after.