Buti Yoga Core Value #4

You Can Only Be as Spiritual as You Are Grounded

The easiest way to understand Buti Yoga Core Value #4 is to imagine a tree. A huge, beautiful tree, filled with leaves and life. It has a strong trunk and branches and from one, a swing hanging. While what we see when we look at this tree is pleasing, what we don’t see is just as important.  The roots of this tree must be able to support its structure. The roots must ground down and create a base for the tree to flourish. If a trees roots are nonexistent, would you swing from its branches? Absolutely not. It would topple at the slightest bit of a shift in weight. 

You are the tree. You are on a path to spiritual enlightenment. Grow beautiful branches of a meditation practice and through seeking more out of life. Let your leaves grow green with creativity. Hang a swing to support your closest friends and family. But don’t forget your roots. Don’t deny the connection to our earth and your physical being. Our spirits are here, in this physical world, for a reason. Honor it. 

Here’s another example. Manifestation. That’s a fun little buzzy word to get your attention. Close your eyes, hope really hard, set your best intentions, and poof! Here. Here is your perfect life. Manifestation DOES NOT work that way! It STARTS that way. Go ahead and close your eyes and start imagining your best life, setting positive intentions for you and the world around you, and then WORK. Do the work you need to do in order to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Do that work while feeling inspired, knowing that you can achieve them. Work harder than you have before because you know that sitting around waiting for your best life to roll around, all because you’re wishing for it, sounds absolutely ridiculous! 

Root down to rise up. Ground yourself knowing that you have to live in a real world. That real world can get dirty and gritty and pretty messed up. You can’t just burn some sage and throw a crystal over your heart chakra and expect your problems to disappear. You have to face hardships and controversy and curve balls HEAD ON. But keeping a positive attitude, questioning your experiences, and managing your emotions can help.