Buti Yoga Core Value #5

True Leaders Don’t Create Followers, They Create More Leaders

A leaders job is to spark, in someone else, that same fire that they once had. That spark that drove them to become a leader in the first place. A true leader will have no problem highlighting their students potential. Watching them learn and grow and create will be just as satisfying as their own growth and creations. A real leader will not feel threatened by a former students success, they will applaud it.

The Buti Yoga community really does this right. It is full of love and support everywhere you turn.   Buti instructors take each others classes at each others studios, they help each others tribes grow or build one together. Comparison and competition doesn’t exist, just the pure joy of rooting for someone to succeed. Butisattvas know that blowing out someone else’s candle will never make your flame brighter. 

In what part of your life can you lift someone up? Can you give someone a little boost that can help them reach their full potential? Pay close attention to the opportunities you have to be a  leader because those are the moments that dramatically effect the world around you. What kind of leader will you chose to be in that moment?